Tim Richards £250

We have donated £250 for the Bristol children’s charity from funeral & Filton and district club collections Tim was the secretary at the club he’s also played Father Christmas for several years he grew a beard especially !   among many other duties Tim’s death was sudden as he had no health concerns so was shock for our families we’re a blended family 5 children between us (from previous marriages )& 10 grandchildren Tim was 71 but didn’t look his age he was involved with football & all sport at work with union enjoyed horse racing & skittles  loved socialising & our holidays He was generous and always had time to listen and talk to people. Children seemed to gravitate towards him for his silliness as he was fun to be around. We all miss Tim in our own ways & he meant a lot to many people he may no longer be here with us now but always  have a special place in our hearts. We chose this charity as it is local and we know that our donation will help children have fun that would make Tim & myself very happy! I do believe that some  donations came via the funeral director I’m a firm believer in that small charities need more £££s.

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