Presentation of cheque in the amount of £1615 to help year 6 attend camp at Clifton College

Pictured are some Year 6 pupils, Principal David Wayland (right) and 3 members of the Bristol Children’s Charity (rear)

Granville Jenkins – Chairman Bristol Children’s Charity Helping disadvantaged children under 16yrs of age in the BS postcode for over 40 years

I attended Bankleaze (as it was then) from Sept 1976 – July 1977 – who would have thought I’d be back here some 43 years later presenting the school with a cheque for over £1600

I attended “in the hot summer of 1976”, just after half the school had been burned down by an arsonist – many of the classrooms were completely destroyed. We had portacabins in the playground as temporary classrooms so the school and the pupils stayed together.

Although I was only here for 1 year, Bankleaze held many good memories for me and I’m still in touch with some of the friends I made way back then.

Although I was quite clever academically, I wasn’t what you would call a “star pupil” I was quite naughty sometimes and I remember in particular Mr Buckley – the Headmaster. He was a “firm but fair” Principal – he took no nonsense and quickly gained my respect after he “clipped me around the ear” for being unruly one day. Never again!

Oasis Bankleaze faces many challenges, especially given it’s location – and whilst Lawrence Weston is a great close knit community, many families here come from poorer backgrounds with fewer opportunities and they sometimes need some help now and then. So whilst it’s great to see Oasis Bankleaze doing well, I was saddened to read that Chris Wayland will be leaving at the end of Year 6

Oasis Bankleaze will always have place in my heart and as Chairman of Bristol Children’s Charity my amazing team and I are happy to offer our continued support for projects going forward – we look forward to working with the current staff and new Principal in the months/years ahead.

Together, Oasis Bankleaze and the Lawrence Weston community will continue to achieve great things.