Micro Scooter Aid Donate 2 Hand Painted Limited Edition Scooters

Scooter Aid came to the rescue for us when we were asked to provide 2 scooters for appeals we had recieved.  Scooter Aid recycles, rehomes and reloves old scooters so that tey can be loved again, and they did exactly that for us but with a difference. The scooters we got were hand painted by 2 local bristol artists Andy Council and Liz Davies.

Andy Council – revamped the Micro Sprite (suitable for 5-12 yr olds) 

Andy is a Bristol based designer, artist and illustrator

Q.  What made you want to get involved in the Scooter Aid project?
A.  I liked the idea of giving less privileged children the opportunity to whizz around and have fun on scooters just like my kids.


Liz Davies of ‘Bird Can Fox’ – revamped the Maxi Micro (suitable for 5-12 yr olds) 

Liz is a Bristol based Ceramics + illustration artist.

Q.  Why did you get involved with this Scooter Aid project and what’s the story behind these designs?
A.  This hasbeen a project close to my heart as I was brought up very poor and neglected and not really allowed to be a child myself. When I learned more about this project I realised it was an opportunity to give something special and unique to children who perhaps need reminding that they are unique and special.  With the scooter designs I wanted to choose an animal for each design that was positive, exceptional and represented strength in some way. So I chose animals that I gave descriptions to – as intelligent as an octopus, as tenacious and as a wolf and as fast as a leopard, with the hope they would inspire the children who received them.