Tom Copping

Tom and his team Raised an amazing £1508.79 .. here are his words:

On May 30th a team of 10 people will be doing Burpees non stop from 8am to 12pm to raise money for the Bristol Under Privileged Children’s Charity . One person will be working the whole time and we will rotate around constantly for the whole four hours.

So why am i doing this?

I was so inspired last year by the story of the Tony the Fridgeman running for cancer and felt that i needed to do more for charity.

With this in mind i wanted to have an effect on the local community and help those directly in need within the area i live. I am a personal trainer and one of my clients mentioned to me he was involved with a charity called the Bristol Under Privileged Children’s Charity, after hearing this and looking at the charity closer i felt this was a great cause to help out.

I felt that most people who are in need of help are generally going through some kind of pain. So i decided what better way to raise money than to go through a bit myself in aid of them.


The Team


·      Tom Copping 

·      Laura Panes

·      Chris Ball

·      Mika Collert

·      Aysha Muzaffar

·      Matt Peters

·      Ben Santamaria

·      Hester Watson

·      Jay Amin