About Bristol Children’s Charity.

It seems a very long time ago now since the Variety Club, in a drastic policy change, cast adrift its provincial networks including Bristol.

The Bristol Children's Charity was born to help disadvantaged children, under 16, in our city (although this has now been raised to 18). Our first venture was to collect toys at Christmas for half a dozen local children’s homes.

That brought us in touch with the Lord Mayor of the day – a link with the city’s first citizen we retain and cherish. It made the television news, and, with a sell-out Christmas lunch, we were launched.

In the early 70’s the premature baby unit at Southmead Hospital was desperately seeking a special piece of equipment to give a young born the chance of life, for which we raised the £10,000 needed. Since then we have helped thousands of youngsters, sometimes with equipment, sometimes with the end money to round off someone else’s fundraising.

From the outset we agreed every penny raised would go to the charity and that the committee would meet all the other running costs out of their own pockets. Although modified over the years as we grew, that remains a firm point of principle.

We are unpaid volunteers doing our best for unfortunate children and that will never change. It’s one very good reason why the local business community has got behind us and why the late Duchess of Beaufort and Terry Waite CBE have been pleased to become our Patrons.


Our Team

Amelia Knight

Amelia joined the team recently.  We are very pleased to have Amelia on board.

Steve O'Neill

VIce Chairman & Treasurer
Steve has been a supporter of the charity for many years and we are hugely grateful that he is stepping up to help the charity.

Jan Reynolds MBE

Jan has been a huge supporter of the charity for many many years and was instrumental in ensuring we had solid foundations on which to build and grow the charity.

Jessica Harvey

Chairman & Vice President
Jess has been involved with the charity for over 14 years and we are thrilled to have her back as Vice President.

Charity Ethos

Improving Lives.

Bristol Children's Charity strives to improve the lives of local children less fortunate than ourselves. We provide funding for such things as learning aids or even simple basic necessities for their homes.

Funding Freedom.

There are a multitude of ways that we can help a child in need, and all requests for funding are given the full consideration of our Appeals Committee.

Providing Goods.

We provide many different things:

  • Learning Equipment
  • Specialist Disabled Equipment
  • Furniture and White Goods
  • Beds and School Uniforms

People Who Have Helped

So many people help us in so many different ways. Please send us any information and images of any fundraising event you have done for us and we will add it to our News page. Here are just a few for you to cast your eye over.

Could we be the chosen charity for your business?

If so, please email the Chairman and we'll look forward to arranging a meeting.